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Silverbrand Goldwing's Journal

A place of miniscule consequence

9 July
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After years I thought I would actually adapt this. I work as the third shift lab coordinator for the processing lab at the Cleveland Clinic, the second largest hospital in the world after the Mayo clinic. I live in the basement of a rented house with my sister, my brother in law, and my two nephews. I don't really have any friends, but most of the time this does not bother me, as I tend to be a loner type. I do not mean this in a cynical or depressing sort of way, I simply prefer it this way.

Above all things I value creativity and intelligence. If you are one of the rare few in this world that possess both of these traits, and I am not saying that I am, then I will be attracted to you. Maybe physically, but more likely mentally and spiritually.

Sometimes I post things that are meaningful, sometimes I just post things that happen to me, and sometimes I just post things that I find amusing. If you are on my friends list, it is because something about you piqued my interest, though I'm sure that would be a given.

I am lazy, possessing of poor hygiene habits, and am prone to fits of deep depression. I am overweight, and despite my best efforts (which are, admitedly, not very consistent nor very good) I have remained so for most of my life. I am also, however, possessing of a kindness that I am loathe to admit to, out of fear of sounding egotistical. I have never intentionally hurt someone in my life, and I delight in altruistic behaviour such as being an anonymous benefactor for people who I see are in need.

If any of this interests you or even repulses you, I have at least elicited an emotional response in some form, and I hope you have gained from it the pleasure that only experiencing emotion can bring.
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