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Adventures in low sodium land

So I went to the nutritionist again today after being told by my regular doctor that he didn't want me to start the protein fasting just yet, at least until we saw the outcome of my bloodwork after being on my new medications. For those curious, they are Simvastatin, Metformin, and Lisinopril, and are for lowering triglycerids/cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure, respectively. The doctor gave me a book on diabetes, and the nutritionist (I know she is a doctor too, but, whatever) gave me a book on what types of foods to eat and she worked out a plan with me on what I should be eating each day and how much and all that. The amounts seem like something I can manage, but goddamnit, the salt. I know it's part of my problem, but unsalted food is....just.....goddamnit.

I know, I know, I just have to deal with it. In all honesty, it is all sinking in, but it is making sense. In the week since I last went to the nutritionist I have not been strict to any sort of plan, just because she didn't give me one, just some guidelines. I didn't go into one of those 'THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I EAT THIS SO I MUST GORGE' but I did have some cheese fries the one day, mostly out of habit since I had been having those after classes on mondays...and yesterday I ate a bit too much frozen buffalo chicken tender things, but....just from that week I feel like I have a lot more energy. I have only been on the drugs for a day, so I can't say how well that works.

I have been talking to my dad every day since day one of my realization that I had some symptoms of diabetes. I told him today that I didn't want to tell my sister about it, because I know that her reaction would range somewhere between complete indifference to actual condescension and mocking. Probably not INTENDED as such, but...that is who she is. If it doesn't revolve around her or her kids, she just doesn't care. There has been many times where I have listened to her tell me something going on in her life and if I didn't act excited, she would get mad....but if I tell her anything important in my life, I point back to the indifference comment.

All in all, I am....ok. I am....I don't want pep talks. I told my father that after the fifth or sixth one from him. I got my fat ass into this mess, and I am the one that will have to deal with it. Pep talks just....get depressing for me....and on that note, I have some phone numbers for some shrinks to start going to and perhaps get back on some medication. Well. More medication.



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